All Stakeholders Win


  • Increase Net Patient Revenue
  • Decrease Collection Costs
  • Reduce Outbound Calls


  • Less Calls
  • Less Complaints
  • Less Reconciliation


  • Save Money
  • Save Time
  • Trust Your Bill

Mobile Discount Alerts

Send prompt-pay discounts via text and allow patients to pay from their phone in two taps

Current Problem

Patients don't want paper bills in the mail. They want to pay the same way they do everything else: online or on their phone. Even if a patient opts for paper billing, they often look like junk mail and get tossed aside.

Incentivize Payments Now

Digitally enforced prompt-pay discounts to encourage patients to pay now

Current Problem

There's no penalty for not paying a medical bill. Without penalties or incentives, patients don't feel any urgency to pay their bills on time.

Flexible Payment Plans

Allow patients to setup recurring payments on a monthly basis

Current Problem

Sometimes patients don't have the money to pay a bill in full, as a result they don't pay anything.

Build Patient Trust

Harness the power of 3rd party validation - Give patients peace of mind that bills are verified and ready to be paid

Current Problem

Medical bills often contain mistakes due to incorrect patient information, insurance coverage issues, and coding complexity - as a result patients are afraid to pay.

Instant Billing Answers

Text-based chat support to resolve questions in real time so patients can pay and go about their day

Current Problem

Patients often have questions about their bill but don't have the time or desire to call for help - as a result they don't pay.

Security Comes First

HIPAA compliant 256-bit SSL encryption platform to secure payments and protect patient data

Current Problem

Patients don't feel secure sending checks in the mail or sharing their private information with a random website just to make a one-time payment.

Collect More, Faster, For Less

Optimize your patient experience to reduce agency dependence